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At the end of the world, the zombies are not the scariest monsters. Something evil and vile now hides among the sheep seeking to devour its very heart.

Pastor Mike Brown and his wife, Lauren, are loved by the congregation of the church that rose from the ashes of the zombie apocalypse. But a dark secret, if discovered, could destroy everything.

As Guntersville Island’s fledgling government attempts to solve the mystery of a growing number of missing children, it must ask some hard questions about the messianic leader.

 Meanwhile, on the Viva Ancora, Mo, Smokes, and the remainder of the main protagonists continue their trip toward the sea in search of a possible cure. Meeting new friends and foes along the way is, of course, a given: not to mention Mo’s constant complaining.

Will evil win control of paradise? Who can stop its sadistic hunger? Do we need a Hero? Is that a pig?

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Join us, friend. In places where the zombies bite.... fish bite.... life always bites.... and some people bite.

Still Alive Book Seven: Zombie Perdition Paperback



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