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The time has come for all Blunatics to unite!

I assure you this is not an April Fool’s joke.

This is J.R. Bonds, father, and editor of the late Javan Bonds.

As our family and his fans come to grips with Javan’s passing we have spent time mourning his death as well as celebrating his amazing life.

If you are a fan or a friend you realize how incredible a person Javan was. Through all his difficulties and trials, he always found time and energy to push those around him to do better. Whether it was new authors he encouraged to write more or others with challenging life issues that held them back. He didn’t softball any of you. He would remind you that even though he was wheelchair bound, legally blind and almost deaf he woke every day and pushed to do all he could. Right up to his last day he was writing and reaching out on social media.

NEVER QUIT was his unspoken motto.

So, with that legacy to follow we push onward.

Starting today we are announcing the Still Alive Fan Fiction Anthology.

We want you as fans or fellow authors to give us your Still Alive peevie infested shit covered stories written in Javan’s Still Alive world. These stories need to be 5k words or less. They can be just a short idea about people or places in the infected blue world or full-blown stories. We will go over all entries and either include the stories in the Anthology or some may be chosen to be included in an upcoming book in the continuing Still Alive series. Each entry will be credited to the original writer. There will be no monetary compensation for the published work. Fifty percentage of the profits from the books the stories appear in will be donated to the Friedreich's Ataxia Association to further research and treatments for those with the same genetic disorder Javan had.

To enter your work, email a word doc or link to a Google Doc to We will continue to take as many entries as we can get over the next 6 months. By emailing your work you give If I Only Had A Monkey Publishing all rights to the work to be used however it sees fit in all future works.

I am starting the work on Still Alive Book 11: Zombie Roads and will be compiling Javan’s writings for this story and future books of the series based on the countless hours of discussion and brainstorming Javan did as to the direction of his continuing series

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