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At the end of the world, the zombies are sometimes not the scariest monsters.

The evil that now hides among the sheep seeking to devour its very heart. Pastor Mike Brown and his wife, Lauren, are loved by the church congregation that rose from the ashes of the zombie apocalypse. The pair have convinced their followers that something they once thought of as demonic and forbidden is now acceptable if not ordained; Cannibalism. But a darker secret, now discovered, could destroy everything.

 As Guntersville Island’s fledgling government has attempted to solve the mystery of a growing number of missing children, its leader has been implicated in the very inhuman crimes it has sought to solve by none other than the messianic leader. It is forced into a war with the very people it has sought to protect.

Is the Nash worth saving? Will Mortimer make it out before the turf war turns the city into scorched earth? Meanwhile, on the Viva Ancora, Mo, Smokes, and the remainder of the main protagonists face the possible loss of an important member of its crew. And of course, a given: Mo’s constant complaining never stops.

Will evil win the battle for control of paradise? Who can stop the sadistic actions driven by faith and hunger? Where have all the Heroes gone?

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Join us, friend. In places where the zombies bite.... fish bite.... life always bites.... and some people will bite you and eat you!

Welcome to Book Nine: Zombie Upheaval of the Still Alive Zompoc Series

. Winner of the 2019 Independent Audiobook Awards (IAA) for Humor Books in the Still Alive Series: Book One: Zombie Lake, Book Two: Zombie Island, Book Three: Zombies On A Plane Book, Four: Zombie Oasis Book, Five: Zombie River Run, Book Six: Zombie Paradise Lost, Book Seven: Zombie Perdition, Book Eight: Zombie Crusade and now Book Nine: Zombie Upheaval.

Still Alive Book Nine: Zombie Upheaval Paperback


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