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Being The Hero of a zombie apocalypse ain’t easy. People expect you to defeat lunatics, save survivors, and recover the treasure, when you would rather just make time with your girl. Mo Collins can’t avoid his scripted destiny; his personal Oracle, Smokes, won’t let him. He can still bitch about it, though.

The crew of the replica pirate ship, the Viva Ancora, is growing, and the cast of characters are fulfilling their roles towards destiny. As the group swells, the need to clear the town of the infected and secure Guntersville Island becomes paramount. Isolation from the world will protect them from the naked, blue, undead cannibals—or will it?

Something’s not right with these “zombies;” the script is veering off into the unwritten. The more contact the team has with their predatory enemies, the less certain they are of their actions. Are they wiping out a plague…or murdering a new order?

Follow Mo and his crew as they try to skew fate and carve out their own society on an Alabama lake where the fish bite, the Zombies bite… and sometimes life bites.

Welcome ashore, friend, to Zombie Island!

Still Alive Book Two: Zombie Island Paperback



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