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Mo Collins is surviving the zombie apocalypse, but it hasn’t been easy. So far he has gathered himself a group of misfits, and one monkey, to help carve out an island paradise in the middle of a world turned blue and ravenous by an unknown plague.

 Mo’s home, the Viva Ancora, a replica pirate ship is filling up with a list of characters that would make George Romero proud. Along with the guidance of Smokes, his personal Oracle and the direct link to what seems to be a scripted reality, he has saved his parents, broken his perfect brother and future sister-in-law out of prison, fought off a crazed military wannabe dictator and survived a plane crash. All in the same day!

So now that things seem under control on Guntersville Island you would think maybe life could begin to take on some sense of normalcy and he could settle down with his girl and live out his life on this island oasis. Guess again. Life just isn’t meant to be easy when you seem to be the Hero of a predestined movie script.

So hang on! The ride is about to get wilder and travel into uncharted territory. Next plot point of this movie: A Cure? (Saw that one coming didn’t you?) New faces? New Adventures? New Villains? Does it ever end? Mo the reluctant Hero can’t help being just that, The Hero.

 So here we are again on that same Alabama lake, where the fish bite, the Zombies bite…. and sometimes life bites.

Welcome ashore, friend, to Zombie Oasis.

Still Alive Book Four: Zombie Oasis Paperback



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