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Mo Collins survived the beginning of the zombie apocalypse by staying on the replica pirate ship the Viva Ancora. But after a chance meeting of another survivor, Smokes, everything changed.

Mo has become The Hero in a story seemingly channeled by Smokes. Following a prewritten script Mo and Smokes gathered a crew of typical zombie apocalypse survivors. Well typical except the zombies are called peevies, are not dead but blue, naked, shit spewing infected rapidly evolving monsters that will rip you apart and eat you slowly.

With the help of The Expert, The Tech, The Old Friend, and The Oracle they defended island home from betrayers, zombie hordes, and villainous dictators. Oh, they survived a plane crash rescuing Mo’s brother.  Being The Hero is hard work.

Now they are on a quest to find a cure. What new adventures will they encounter? What new dangers will they find? Will they find new friends? New foes? Will Smokes find more Newport’s? 

Follow Mo and his crew on their continuing adventures as they tempt fate and chart their way down the river.

 In waters where the fish bite, the Zombies bite… And sometimes life bites.

Welcome on board, friend, to Zombie River Run!

Still Alive Book Five: Zombie River Run Paperback



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