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After the end of the world, the zombies still aren't the scariest monsters.

 The Wolf hiding among the sheep is now leading the flock on a path to complete obliteration.

Death and sacrifice go hand in hand for the survivors of The Nash. Whether fighting each other, their overlords, or the peevies, destruction seems to be around every corner.

 In Guntersville, Mike Brown and his wife, Lauren, continue to twist the very souls of the deluded congregation that would follow him to hell and back. Their dark secret is becoming an unholy gospel, bent on destroying everything good.

Simultaneously, the Island's embattled government fights back against the unprovoked attacks by this messianic cult leader's crazed followers.

Meanwhile, on the Viva Ancora, Mo, Smokes, and the remainder of the main protagonists continue their trip toward the sea in search of a possible cure. Finally, they discover the bounty of ammo at Columbus Air Force Base, along with something else that might spell the end for one or more of them.

Can Mortimer find a way out of the living hell that was once Nashville? Will evil win control of paradise? Who can stop the sadistic hunger of The Wolf? Where the hell is a Hero when you need one? How dangerous is the peevie that was once warden Sledge?

It's the end of the world as we know it. Join us, friend. In places where the zombies bite.... fish bite.... life always bites.... and some people get bit. Welcome to Zombie Crusade.

 Winner of the 2019 Independent Audiobook Awards (IAA) for Humor Books in the Still Alive Series: Book One: Zombie Lake Book Two: Zombie Island Book Three: Zombies On A Plane Book Four: Zombie Oasis Book Five: Zombie River Run Book Six: Zombie Paradise Lost Book Seven: Zombie Perdition Book Eight: Zombie Crusade

Still Alive Book Eight: Zombie Crusade Paperback


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