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At the end of the world, zombies may not be the monsters we should fear.
The faithful have been blinded by the evil that hid among them. The twisted gospel is so perverted that it leads them to commit unspeakable debauchery and depravity on the same level as the peevies. The exposed Pastor, Mike Brown, and his wife, Lauren, face the all-consuming vengeance of their once beloved congregation. The twisted and blinded hearts of the once Godfearing believers are bent on wiping out Guntersville’s fledgling government.
Realizing that all is lost with no hope of survival in the once peaceful oasis, Mayor Randy Collins must decide whether to stay and fight crazed cannibal cultists or flee, facing a blue naked monsters-filled world bent on doing the exact same thing.
Unknown to everyone on the safe island, an unseen scourge is rapidly approaching from above.
Mortimer and Candi confront a different cult with plans to sacrifice them to its blue protectors.
Meanwhile, Mo and the crew of the Viva Ancora are docked near Columbus Air Force Base, dealing with a crew member exposed to the zombie plague.
Will the deluded church members wake from their blood lust? Can the mayor and the remaining ‘good guys’ escape in time? Can the plague get any worse as it jumps across species? Will the truck-driving pair cross the bridge to paradise or become the peevies' next meal? What are, Mo, Smokes, and the main protagonists accept the fate of the bitten. And, of course, a given: Mo’s constant complaining never stops.
Will evil win the battle for control of paradise? Who can stop the sadistic actions driven by faith and hunger? Where have all the Heroes gone?
It’s the end of the world as we know it. Join us, friend. In places where the zombies bite.... fish bite.... life always bites.... and some people will bite you and eat you!
Welcome to Book Ten: Zombie Deliverance of the Still Alive Zompoc Series

Still Alive Book Ten: Zombie Deliverance Paperback


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