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Bestselling Author of Zompoc Humor


Javan Bonds is the author of the apocalyptic zombie series STILL ALIVE, and the bestselling Free State of Dodge. Bonds has had to overcome numerous obstacles in writing as well as just living his daily life. Diagnosed at the age of 11 with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), (a progressively degenerative neuromuscular disease under the umbrella of the Muscular Dystrophy Association), he has slowly been robbed of his physical abilities through the years. Bonds became wheelchair bound in 1999, but that was only the beginning of his setbacks. His sight began to diminish in 2010 and he is now legally blind. His hearing began failing to the point he now can’t distinguish individual voices in a noisy room.

Bonds never lets his disability rule him; he has lived fully, loved, and laughed often. Reading and writing has long provided Bonds with both pleasure and a creative outlet. He began blogging at a very young age and has published articles and letters for his local newspaper. In 2010, he discovered a passion for writing novels and with help of Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking, he writes every day.

In late 2015, at only 28 years old, Bonds was told he may have only a short time left due to the ravages of FA on his heart. Since learning this, his goal has been to complete a significant, lasting body of written work before his time in this world runs out.

In mid-2016, Bonds published his first full length novel: FREE STATE OF DODGE, the first in a dystopian series about an America in decline and its rebirth. After that, his writing continued to fill his life with motivation and drive as his health improved enough his doctors push his remaining time much further down the road.

He is currently working on future books in his zompoc humor series, Still Alive. The series currently has ten books with many more in the works. Javan and his publishing team hope you enjoy his work and all the upcoming books in the Still Alive series.




Javan has these words of wisdom to offer others stricken by a life-shortening illness:

“Live your life. Light your candle on both ends and let it burn. It may burn out faster, but your flame will burn brighter than some who live much longer”

Keep an eye on his flame, watch it burn!


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